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Top 5 Household Items You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

In every household, we are recycling typical items such as cans, bottles, milk cartons, cardboard and more. Whilst most of our day-to-day items are recycled, other every-day items are just thrown away – without the consideration that they can be recycled. So what day to day items can ALSO be recycled? Check out five of our best household items that can be recycled.

1. Batteries

It is likely that we are all guilty of collecting or throwing away batteries that have run out or are no longer in use, without the thought they can be recycled for other use. But with batteries, they can be recycled for various uses. Common types of batteries such as Lead Acid, Zinc and Lithium can be recycled for metal plating, steel manufacturing, agriculture and more. Some supermarkets also have battery collection points so you can donate any collection of batteries you may have.

2. TV’s and Electrical Items

Has your TV stopped working, and you’re suddenly about to throw it away? Then don’t, as recycling a TV can be really helpful! What people don’t know is 98% of a TV can be recycled. This can be in the form of the glass, plastics, wiring and the electrical circuits of a television. Similarly, with other electrical items such as laptops, microwaves and phones – they can all be recycled and repurposed for other uses.

3. Lightbulbs

If your lightbulb in your home or business has stopped working, this could be recycled. It is important to note that only low energy light bulbs can be recycled.

4. Makeup

Some of the biggest beauty brands are introducing recycled containers, bottles and tubes. Brands such as MAC, The Body Shop and John Lewis have introduced ‘take-back’ schemes, where they will substitute your used bottles in exchange for loyalty points and discounts.

5. Garden Waste

Now we know this is not a household item, but still an important note to make. Utilise your garden waste bin and try to recycle where you can! Whether it’s rubble, sand, stone, branches or weeds – all garden waste can be recycled and can be taken to your local garden centre.

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